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We often see people living life expected by others. Despite having their own wishes, they do not have courage to live their life their way. Such people do not only destroy their own lives, in fact they tend to spoil their family life as well.  To have a peaceful and a happy life, it is very important to leader of your own life. To lead your life and stay contented, you must possess and practice the following traits:

  1. Maintain Transparency in your Relations

Try to be transparent about your ideas and thoughts with people you deal with on a daily basis (whether a professional or personal). If you give your colleagues and family members a clear picture of what you are planning to do, not only the possibility of their doubts will decrease but you also will be able to reduce your dilemmas of doing/not doing a particular thing. It will set you free from your inner fears.

  1. Respect Opinions of Others

It is utmost important to calmly listen to other’s point of view. It will help you understand how others perceive your thought and help you identify and resolve the problem areas in your thought process. Also, gathering other’s opinion about a particular thing helps you innovate fresh and unique ideas which can help you succeed on a professional and personal front. Talking about this point from a personal front, it gives immense satisfaction and shows your respect towards your family members, relatives and friends. They are glad that you listened to their opinions and hence avoid small quarrels and fights at home over a particular thing.

  1. Make others Comfortable by Handling Things with Humor

Being serious all the time or being stubborn is one of the biggest problems we face in our personal and professional relationships. Being such, you develop an image of an angry stubborn self-interested man and people tend to avoid you. Even if they think you much capable for discussing something that may be beneficial for you and everyone, they won’t approach you, instead they will talk with someone they are comfortable with or keep their ideas with themselves. Smile and talk to everyone politely. Be cheerful, if need be, try having humorous talks/short discussions with family members, relatives and friends or colleagues to make them enjoy your company and hence become comfortable with you.

  1. Motivate Others to Fulfill their Ambitions

Be keen to know and talk to your family members about what interests them and if they would like to do something about it. Be a moral support for them by motivating them to achieve their dreams. Discuss, guide and keep them enthusiastic to follow their dreams and passion. This will not only make other happy but also make you feel contented. It gives a sense of belongingness and utmost care. When you motivate others, and see them achieving their goals, you too get self-motivated towards your own goals and aim.

  1. Maintain Work-Life Balance

It is really important to maintain work-life balance to have a peaceful and happy life. Make sure to give sufficient time to your family and at the same time let this not affect your work. If you are not able to do so, you may end up in trouble with time. Always remember your work does makes you earn money and give you a quality life but your quality life is a balance between people/humans and money. Focus on both keeping a balance between these.

If you practice and implement these traits in your life, you may tend to avoid ‘n’ number of conflicts and problems you face in your daily lives (whether personally or professionally). You will not only feel happy and contented, in fact you will be able to enjoy society and people with different behaviors. These different behaviors of people will not impact you negatively because of which you tend to or get forced to think about them and live life their way. It will give you freedom to handle people your way and reside in a better manner, therefore, being a leader of your life without hurting others.