4th Dec, 2015..7 PM.. Tired from long meetings, hectic project discussions, messing with project plans and piled up work; I just threw my bag in the cab, put on my ear phones to listen some soothing music to take off my office hangover. Gazing people around while travelling back to home took me to a different world.


As I got down the fly over and entered the street with shops around, I could see a women running behind her child holding some packet/toy (do not know what exactly was there) to stop him going behind the street vendor with little pet toys in his hand. I saw a little girl with candy floss in her hand offering it very sweetly to her mother.

child running

It took me back to my childhood – the days when little things like toys, candy floss held so much importance in our life and brought us unmeasurable happiness. Today, we have big things like own house, car etc. but still we are not able to enjoy that happiness and cherish it. We are tied up with ‘n’ number of tasks (whether household work or office work) that we forget to enjoy little things in life. We tend to hide or stop the child within ourselves thinking all this is very small in front of the big things we have. If some people enjoy such small things, we call them ridiculous. But why? I think many of us would not have an answer to this.

kill child

I moved on with my thoughts and travel. Took off my ear phones, switched off my mobile, opened the car window and started looking out again.

The cab driver stopped at the traffic lights with a nearby small tea stall. Some people were talking to each other with a glass of tea in their hand and some were sitting on the slab waiting for the tea. On the other side of the tea stall, I saw a very old couple nearly 80’s in their age. The old woman held a cup of tea in her hands and her husband stood with an umbrella sheltering his wife drinking tea. It was lovely to see them standing peacefully in a corner not bothering about the rest of the world, talking to each other and sharing the same tea.

old couple

It gave me a message of love, care, and peace. This show dragged my thoughts to our so called latest “Lifestyle”. Today, we all are so well equipped with technologies that we hardly find time for one another. In fact, we do not want to take out time for ourselves. I hardly remember when I had time away from my electronic gadgets especially mobile. Nowadays, people have their own world of WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other apps on mobile and rather speaking to one another or meeting one another, they interact via Apps or phone. Emotions/feelings are not felt by people anymore, rather these are expressed via Apps or social media. I wonder we have lost the human touch. It is good to have technologies in place and it eases our lives, but not on the cost of mankind, closeness that two people share amongst themselves, and time they spend together.

Thinking all this I reached home. I got down from my car, thanked the cab driver and entered my apartment. It is late night 11:30pm but I am still thinking about little things we tend to miss in our daily lives. I am still trying to find out what Life is all about and are we living the life or just residing.

thinking life