The Great Pretender

Commonly many people unknowkingly suffer from Imposter Syndrome. They think themselves to be confident enough to let the other down or manipulate them. They show and pretend as if they are the masters of the world having utmost experience in every field and can handle anything, anywhere, anytime efficiently; which actually is not the case.
I have come across many such people who say something else, are something else (i.e. a different personality than they show), and do utlimately something else and leave the person who trusts them surprised and shattered. It is a matter of over confidence that gets built in them as and when they get proved right for their wrong things/deeds. One of my known relative always use to project herself as an efficient lady who has been a great sufferer of miseries but never felt bad about anything. She use to narrate ‘n’ number of stories telling “I use to follow my elders blindly as they carry more experience, never use to talk to them in high pitch” and pretend calling up people in front of me showing that she likes to mingle up with family, relatives & people. She use to pretend as if people respect her to a level where they wish they get a chance to become family with her.
But when I stayed with her, the story was totally opposite. She was the one pretending to be very mature, logical and understanding to some of her loved ones to have a control/hold of everything. She pretended all this so that new people in the family follow the same rules she narrated regarding blindly following their elders and not uttering a word in front of them; as elder in this case was her. After my various interactions with other relatives and people, it showed in their eyes and expressions how much they respect her and think her to be perfect. They tend to avoid any converstaions with her to avoid her taunts or hurting comments with a fake smile on her face.
This is one such incident where she was a great pretender and actual reality was something else. The biggest punch of the story is that inspite of so many incidents that proved her wrong, she still thinks she was, is, will always be right and tries to show how much she cares about others (showing she does not have any advantage from a particular thing for which she is guiding, however, she will always have a hidden benefit).  Such experiences and instances prove how people suffering from Imposter Syndrome tend to achieve their selfish goals manipulating others.