• Love in my own style

    If I argue or have fights with you, that doesn’t mean that I am against you or want to put you down. Instead I make sure that our arguments/fights do not linger on for long.

    When I am upset and my eyes don’t tear, that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t cry. Indeed, I make sure that I do not make you weak by shedding my tears.

    When I come off strong, that doesn’t mean that nothing’s wrong. Infact, I try to maintain peace and everyone happy at our home.

    If I do not cook delicious food for you every day, that doesn’t mean that I do not care for you. I just make sure that you get good and healthy food on time (i.e. by the time we reach home or leave for office).

    If I do not take out your clothes from cupboard and hand them over to you while you get ready for office, that doesn’t mean that I do not bother about you. I ensure that your clothes are properly washed, ironed and kept at the right place so that you do not find any difficulty when I am not there.

    If I don’t call or message you after every hour, that doesn’t mean that I do not MISS YOU . I simply know that we both are busy working at office and must be busy in office meetings/discussions. I just have a small conversation/talk or text you to check if you are fine.

    If I do not say every day that I LOVE YOU , that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Indeed, I feel and try to make you feel that there’s someone in this world you loves you more than anyone else. There is someone who in this world who ensures that whether she be there or not tomorrow, you do not face any challenge in life or feel that emptiness in your life.

    I Love You In My Own Style!