• Gone are the days of love and care,
    Gone are the days when I had lots of time to spare.
    Gone are the days when I lived in dreams,
    And when me and my friend use to hide from mother and eat lots of chocolates and creams.
    Gone are the days when my teachers use to tell me to read aloud,
    And I use to recite poems and dance fearlessly in the crowd.
    Gone are the days of innocence when I use to laugh instead of smile,
    Not knowing about sorrows of life and advanced methodologies like agile,
    Now I am stuck in technologies around,
    Really miss the games that I use to play with so many friends in that playground.
    Now I am busy developing, testing, and implementing software’s that talk,
    But I really miss the people with whom I use to sit for hours, talk, play, and walk.
    Gone are the days when my world revolved around toys and I thought my dolls to be alive
    I know it’s Time and no one can bring it back but want those feelings, those sentiments, that concern to revive.
    Life moves on and the time never stays,
    But I still miss those wonderful and cheerful days.