Roller Coaster Rides of Life


July 2015


  • There was someone who used to sing lullabies for me,
    There was someone who used to narrate stories and fables to me,
    There was someone who used to make me laugh,
    With his endearment and caress he made me learn to live life.

    There was someone who used to tell me that you may face many obstacles and hardships in life but never ever get afraid,
    Whatever comes your way face it with courage,
    But remember never hurt anyone with your deeds,
    Remember you do not make anyone cry because of you.

    You are my pride, fight with difficulties, move ahead, do/achieve something in life,
    Achieve success, reach high levels, become an honorable person but never lose or forget your identity,
    Whatever happens in life never cry,
    I will always be there with you,
    May I not be there in this world, but I’ll always be there as your right hand.

    Today, he may not be there with me in this world,
    But his talks, his teachings, his memories are there with me every moment.
    Today also when I picked up my foot to walk, I thought someone walked with me,
    Someone with a silent smile kept a hand with love on my head,
    Someone quietly whispered in my ear “Be happy”,
    I quickly turned to see if there was someone behind but found on one,
    I screamed “Papaji (grandfather) where are you?”,
    But heard no voice, there was no one.
    Immediately my heart pumped and I heard a voice saying “ Appy (my nick name which he used to call me with love), I am here inside you, within you, wherever you go, I’ll be there with you.”


Gone Are The Days…

  • Gone are the days of love and care,
    Gone are the days when I had lots of time to spare.
    Gone are the days when I lived in dreams,
    And when me and my friend use to hide from mother and eat lots of chocolates and creams.
    Gone are the days when my teachers use to tell me to read aloud,
    And I use to recite poems and dance fearlessly in the crowd.
    Gone are the days of innocence when I use to laugh instead of smile,
    Not knowing about sorrows of life and advanced methodologies like agile,
    Now I am stuck in technologies around,
    Really miss the games that I use to play with so many friends in that playground.
    Now I am busy developing, testing, and implementing software’s that talk,
    But I really miss the people with whom I use to sit for hours, talk, play, and walk.
    Gone are the days when my world revolved around toys and I thought my dolls to be alive
    I know it’s Time and no one can bring it back but want those feelings, those sentiments, that concern to revive.
    Life moves on and the time never stays,
    But I still miss those wonderful and cheerful days.

Love in my Own Style

  • Love in my own style

    If I argue or have fights with you, that doesn’t mean that I am against you or want to put you down. Instead I make sure that our arguments/fights do not linger on for long.

    When I am upset and my eyes don’t tear, that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t cry. Indeed, I make sure that I do not make you weak by shedding my tears.

    When I come off strong, that doesn’t mean that nothing’s wrong. Infact, I try to maintain peace and everyone happy at our home.

    If I do not cook delicious food for you every day, that doesn’t mean that I do not care for you. I just make sure that you get good and healthy food on time (i.e. by the time we reach home or leave for office).

    If I do not take out your clothes from cupboard and hand them over to you while you get ready for office, that doesn’t mean that I do not bother about you. I ensure that your clothes are properly washed, ironed and kept at the right place so that you do not find any difficulty when I am not there.

    If I don’t call or message you after every hour, that doesn’t mean that I do not MISS YOU . I simply know that we both are busy working at office and must be busy in office meetings/discussions. I just have a small conversation/talk or text you to check if you are fine.

    If I do not say every day that I LOVE YOU , that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Indeed, I feel and try to make you feel that there’s someone in this world you loves you more than anyone else. There is someone who in this world who ensures that whether she be there or not tomorrow, you do not face any challenge in life or feel that emptiness in your life.

    I Love You In My Own Style!

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